My 10 favourite tango quotes

On the Berlin Tango Vibes Instagram profile I collect quotes around the topics dance in general and tango in particular. * Auf dem Instagram-Profil von Berlin Tango Vibes sammle ich Zitate rund um die Themen Tanz im Allgemeinen und Tango im Speziellen – in der Regel auf Englisch.

Here are 10 of my favourites:

  1. Even the old Goethe knew:

I know whom your pride gives preference in dancing,
the one who dances with grace, and not the one you love.


2. There is so much in this sentence inspired by Paola Tacchetti, one of my teachers in Buenos Aires.

PS: Nothing against ballerinas.

3. A quote from the spiritual side and one of my alltime favourites on dance.

4. A helpful reminder.

5. This quote is neither about tango, nor about dance, still it matches tango so perfectly.

6. Oh yes. And there was definitely no way to resist.

7. Some tango lyrics are not exactly squeamish with women, this one for example, which we all like to dance in the version by D’Arienzo.

The witch⁠
who yesterday was queen⁠
of my whole being,⁠
now that the spell is broken⁠
is nothing more than a woman.⁠


8. In case you don’t know Julio Cortázars short story „The gates of heaven“, from which this quote is taken, read it. It gives a (really) fantastic impression of old tango times.

9. And every beginning has its own magic, which should never be forgotten.

10. The ultimate tango comfort.

Mehr Zitate auf Instagram – Berlin Tango Vibes
More quotes on Instagram – Berlin Tango Vibes

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