The Island of Tango – A Map

Are you ready for a walk on tango island? Which is your favorite spot?


Crossing the bridge of connection? Visiting the house of the teacher? Getting lost in the desert of hard work? Wandering through the valley of frustration? Being trapped in the tower of arrogance? Surfing the flow of music? Enjoying the sun of passion? Playing in the ocean of possibilities? Or hunting the hidden treasure of tango?

However, enjoy the island of tango and the summertime (at least on the northern hemisphere)!

Hinweis*Note: Für den Sommer reduziert Berlin Tango Vibes den Veröffentlichungsrhythmus auf einen neuen Blog-Post pro Woche. Dieser wird jeweils mittwochs auf dem Tangoblog veröffentlicht. * In the summer we will reduce the rhythm of publications to one new post per week, which will be published every Wednesday.

Für mehr Infos und Neuigkeiten, besuche unsere Facebook-Seite * For more news and infos, visit our facebook page!

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